About Brian

Senior Director, Strategic Communications & Government Relations



As an expert in cause advocacy, Brian develops communication strategies for the Goodfriend Group’s clients.  He’s implemented short-term issue-based campaigns, such as the public financing of sports stadiums, along with broader strategies. Able to quickly transition from digital campaigning to traditional lobbying, Brian can bring any grassroots cause to the grass tops and get results. 

Brian also manages Goodfriend Group’s state-level strategies. Having testified in many state capitals across the country, Brian knows how to simultaneously coordinate advocacy efforts for state and federal campaigns. Brian has been most active in Arizona, Maryland, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Virginia.

Background and Education

Brian has been a digital strategist since 2012 for non-profits, trade associations, venture capital firms, and international restaurant brands. He started his career developing the overarching digital communication strategy for the National Association of Home Builders. There, he also assisted in the development and design of their new website. Brian moved onto Fishbowl Marketing and developed marketing strategies for major national and multinational restaurant brands. 

He has a Bachelor's from Virginia Tech in Resource Management where he concentrated in consumer studies. His research and work centered around consumer protection and education. He has also earned his master's in Communication from the University of Oklahoma. In his studies, his work centered around communication theories, its application with digital technology, and its political impact. 

Fun Facts

As much as Brian loves being your keyboard warrior, even he needs to leave the digital realm every now and then. When he's not behind a computer, you can often find him out playing with his dog, Harper; in his wood shop where he builds tables, clocks, pens, and some of the art adorning our office walls; or exploring a far-off land. Brian is also a self-taught chef and trained wine taster — which means dinner meetings with him are always a treat!

You can learn more about him at brianleehess.com.