Other Accomplishments

The Group has been involved in major legislative and regulatory changes, merger oppositions, and partnerships. Our approach is always creative and unique to the client's goals. Learn more about all we've done below. 


Ebay-Teamsters Partnership

When the International Brotherhood of Teamsters was organizing shuttle bus drivers in Silicon Valley, they asked us to develop support from major technology companies whose vendors employed the drivers. We persuaded eBay and others that an alliance with the Teamsters would help the companies’ own advocacy in state capitols from California, to Illinois and New York. The companies agreed and publicly supported the Teamsters’ organizing efforts. The Teamsters have provided critical support in return.


Softbank-Sprint Opposition

When we were hired to raise regulatory scrutiny of Softbank’s proposed acquisition of Sprint, we successfully delayed government approval and substantially raised the cost to Softbank of the acquisition. Through a combined media and lobbying initiative aimed at both sides of the political spectrum, we raised concerns on the Left of wireless consolidation and on the Right, national security risks.